Wild rodents like squirrels and raccoons do not always stay within their natural terrain. When they encroach into areas where humans live, they often disrupt the area by clawing through garbage bags looking for food. Additionally, their presence may be unwanted in business districts so professional removal services may be required.

Raccoons in Long Island

Wild raccoons are always looking for food, and they are not afraid to venture near inhabited areas in order to get it. These critters are known to carry rabies and other diseases. Although they do not usually engage in fights with cats or dogs, doing so is within their known behavior patterns. Any contact with humans is potentially dangerous, so always get medical attention if a raccoon manages to break the skin.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels look deceptively cute, but this appearance may change if they get too close to humans. Their small claws are extremely sharp, and this is how they manage to scale the trunks of trees at a surprising pace. If the squirrel manages to bite a person, the wound may become infected, and the bite could also transmit a disease to the victim. It is hard to tell the difference between a healthy squirrel and an unhealthy one, so the best precaution to take is to stay away from them, and call a rodent control professional if help is necessary.

Some rodents will bite human beings just because they are afflicted with a disease. They do not normally want to come into contact with people. Most people will not have the skills or tools to effectively remove them from the property. Contact All Care Pest Control for a quote today.

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