Voles are small rodents that look superficially like mice. Known as field mice in many parts of the United States, voles have stout bodies and hairy tails and are usually between three and nine inches long. The animals typically have up to a dozen large litters each year, which means a single breeding pair can produce hundreds of offspring in just a few months. Voles are opportunistic feeders and typically eat small plants, nuts and fruit. While they are preyed on by a variety of birds and mammals, large nuisance populations will generally need to be dealt with by trained professionals.

Voles as Pests

Voles are uncommon indoor pests. They can, however, cause enormous damage to vegetable gardens and other exterior landscaped areas. The critters are often found eating tree bark, seeds and even ornamental plants. The creatures also dig tunnels underground, which can push up sod and soil so that ugly hills are visible in delicately landscaped areas. Tender shoots are especially vulnerable. In fact, freshly planted vegetable gardens can be significantly damaged by resident vole populations. It is always best to seek professional assistance before plants and flowers are eaten up.

Controlling Voles

Voles must typically be eliminated with very specific techniques. Professionals can use poisonous bait to eradicate populations, but these chemicals must be placed in areas where other wildlife will not be harmed. Traditional traps will also work. Large populations will likely require a blended treatment plan. If homeowners are dealing with extensive tunnel networks beneath the grass surface, a comprehensive action plan will be needed going forward. Because voles are quite often mistaken for mice and moles, professional identification will usually be necessary.

All Care Pest Control

At All Care Pest Control, we can perform a preliminary assessment of the property and determine if voles are indeed present. While voles are nearly always found outdoors, we can also check the foundation of the house to make sure there are no weak spots. Our technicians will use rigorously perfected methods to ensure that your resident vole population is eliminated. Your garden and lawn will shortly be protected from any more damage.

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