You spend a lot of time and money on your home or business. Normal maintenance as well as extensive remodeling takes time and investment. Don’t let it go to waste with a raccoon, squirrel, mouse, rat, opossum or other nuisance wildlife problem.

Long Island New York is home to millions of people, but also a large population and variety of wildlife. Raccoons, mice, rats, opossum and squirrels are some of the animals that can create problems when they live in close proximity to people. Nests in chimneys, chewed holes in siding, clogged gutters and animals inside your walls are just a few of the problems for which these animals are responsible. If you are looking for Suffolk County Raccoon removal services or If you have nuisance wildlife problems, you need to contact All Care Pest Control today.

Not only can rogue wildlife create issues for a home or business owner, these animals can carry diseases. Rabies and Lyme disease are just two of the diseases wildlife pests carry. In addition to diseases, these animals also have external parasites like fleas that can be transmitted to people and pets. If you attempt a Long Island animal trapping and removal with a Do-It-Yourself method, you could be placing yourself or others in danger of an outright attack or possible disease exposure. All Care Pest Control has the extensive knowledge and trapping equipment necessary for squirrel, mouse, rat, opossum, and raccoon removal in Suffolk County in a safe, efficient, and humane manner – leaving you, your family, or your business safe in the process. Our trained professionals not only trap the nuisance wildlife animals, but also offer feces clean up services, ensuring that you and your family are not exposed to disease and other danger.

All Care Pest Control’s animal trapping in Long Island service begins with assessing your home or business to understand which services you might need. We investigate to determine what type and how many animals are causing damage, where they’re causing the most problems and how the raccoon, squirrel, mouse, rat, opossum or other wild animal might be entering the premises. As professionals, we facilitate removal of the pest itself and any feces and urine. We repair damage caused by wildlife nuisance, such as fixing holes in your roof, patching walls, soffits, fascia boards, and chimney caps.

We’ll look all along the foundation where most pests enter a building and secure against future intrusions. We provide services for single-family homes, apartment complexes, businesses and associated outbuildings including garages, sheds and decking.

We specialize in both one-time removal of pest animals as well as periodic protection services. No matter if you have a raccoon taking up residence in your chimney or an army of mice infiltrating your home, we provide the services you need. We also specialize in pest control and bed bug control services.

A wildlife pest problem isn’t something to deal with lightly. As a property owner you have better things to do with your time. Let All Care Pest Control do the job for you. We’ll get rid of your problem safely, quickly and humanely. Call us today!

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