Carpenter ants are common in Long Island, NY. These pests are the most common threat to homes and businesses when it comes to destroying wood. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of these annoying and destructive insects.

What Are Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are insects that hollow out wood in homes and trees. These pests are black in color and can reach a length of 1-inch. They build nests in wood, especially around windows, doors, decks, porches, floors and roof eaves. Unlike termites, carpenter ants in Suffolk County do not eat the wood.

They help Mother Nature by enhancing the decay of dead wood. This is fine outdoors but not in your home. If you have an uncontrollable carpenter ant infestation in your home or business, contact All Care Pest Control today.

Do I Have Carpenter Ants?

An easy way to tell if you have carpenter ants is to see if you have sawdust-like material around window and door frames as well as other areas where there may be moist or decaying wood. If you find this, you may have found a nesting location. If one colony is found there is likely other colonies in the building. Over time these colonies can house several thousand ants.

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If you see a large number winged ants in your home or business, more than likely you have a nest in your home. They have no wings until a colony gets large and swarmers are produced. The area of your home where you find these could indicate that a nest is nearby. If you find only one large winged ant however, it may be queen looking for place to nest inside your building. If you see any of these signs, contacting All Care Pest Control for ants in Coram, Mastic, Shirley, and the surrounding areas, is one of your best choices. 

Listening for rustling sounds inside walls or areas where you suspect carpenter ants could indicate there is a colony nearby. Tap the wall or suspected area and listen closely. The tap disturbs the ants and they begin communicating with jaws, causing the rustling sound.

These ants can be difficult to irradiate because they can be located inside walls and ceilings. The longer a colony of ants is in the home, the more damage they can do. They can severely weaken wood. If you notice any of these signs, contacting All Care Pest Control for carpenter ants in Coram, Mastic, Shirley, and the surrounding areas, is one of your best choices. Also, we offer ant control services for non carpenter ants.

Controlling Carpenter Ants

When one colony is found inside the home, other colonies are likely present. The home or business owner may not be able to control carpenter ants on their own. The best way to stop the damage that could be occurring to the structure of the building is to call in an experienced pest control service.

We are experienced at controlling carpenter ants in homes and businesses and are happy to help you sign up for our professional pest control services. We can use gels, liquids and granular pest control material to stop the destruction. Our yearly guarantees will give you piece of mind knowing that the structure of your building will be safe.

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