Moles are furry creatures that burrow in your landscape and create unattractive as well as potentially hazardous conditions. Only about five or six inches long, their small size may make you underestimate their destructive effect on your plantings. Taking advantage of the nutrients and water that you apply to your landscape to make it healthy and beautiful, moles feed on insects that thrive there as well. With sleek bodies and powerful forepaws, they can dig tunnels at a speed of as much as 15 feet in a single hour.

Knowing the Territory

Underground burrows are the key feature in the natural habitat of moles, and they provide the perfect refuge. An intricate maze of interconnecting tunnels provides an easy escape from your attempts to eradicate the destructive pest. You may think that you have succeeded when you see no new surface tunnels or volcano-shaped mounds of dirt, but your hopes are dashed sooner or later. With hundreds of feet of private tunnels and a plentiful supply of food, they are comfortably ensconced in a complex system that they know very well.

Getting Help from Professionals

Scientific reports indicate that there are no repellents that can reliably protect your lawn from moles. Putting sharp objects in the tunnel opening may cause more harm to you than to the moles as they simply take residence in another area of their home. Garlic and mothballs create scents that may deter moles for a while, but their determination to maintain their home may outlast your persistence. Your best option is to let us remove them professionally for you.

While some burrows are as much as 40 inches deep, many are only a few inches below the surface. Stepping on one can cause loss of footing and may result in a painful ankle break or strain. Our technicians are trained in applying the most effective methods of pest control, and we guarantee our services. With a phone call, you can get a free quote for our professional service by experts who are licensed and insured. Call for yours today.

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