Groundhog Control in Suffolk County, Long Island

If you spend a lot of time perfecting your garden or landscape, the last thing you need is woodchucks ruining your hard work. Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, may look cute and furry from a distance, but these pests belong to the rodent family and cause destruction in yards and property across the country. Groundhogs are especially troublesome to property owners in Suffolk County, Long Island and the surrounding areas. 

Facts About Groundhogs

Groundhogs live for nearly six years in the wild and give birth to live young in the spring. The adults weigh between eight and 10 pounds and eat a variety of vegetation, such as grass, berries and crops. However, they also feed on snails, insects and other small animals when necessary.

Groundhogs prefer to live in open spaces with soft ground and easy access to vegetation. They build tunnels and dens underground in which to travel safely, raise their young, sleep and hibernate. Groundhog tunnels can reach 50 feet in length and lead to multiple escape holes.

Groundhog Damage

While escape holes downgrade a yard’s appearance, many people and animals have accidentally stepped into a groundhog hole, causing broken legs and twisted ankles. Unlike rats and mice, which carry rodent-borne diseases, groundhogs do not spread diseases to humans; however, they do harbor fleas, ticks and worms which can easily infest pets in the area.

Groundhogs may also burrow beneath a porch or somewhere close to a home and compromise the foundation. Furthermore, groundhogs can remove as much as 700 pounds of dirt when creating their dens, which leads to massive property damage if it’s not caught in time. A groundhog family can wipe out crops and ornamental plants and destroy entire properties in just a few weeks.

Professional Groundhog Control from All Care

When groundhogs set up residence in your yard, contact All Care Pest Control for a free quote. Never corner a groundhog in your yard or attempt to trap it on your own, as these pests can turn aggressive in seconds. Let our professionals remove the rodents and prevent them from returning.

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