Purchasing a home or any type of structure is a big investment. Sometimes people look at what appears on the surface and do not realize that the building can have termites or other pests, causing structural damage that is not visible. That is why anyone considering buying anything that has a structure, needs a pest inspection. These inspections are required prior to most home or building sales being finalized. 

Our Suffolk County pest control inspector will start at the basement, or foundation, of a structure to check for contact between the wood and the soil. Inspection will also be made for decay, leak damage, mold, and other pest damage that needs to be corrected. 

Termites, for example, are all over the United States. They often cause a great deal of structural damage before being discovered and are especially active in wooden structures. They are capable of not only going through wood, but metal siding and plaster, as well. They are often found in the ceiling, walls, floors, and other places throughout the home. Our real estate inspector will examine these structures as well as surrounding areas which can harbor termites.

Long Island, NY, is also plagued by carpenter ants, rats, mice, and other nuisance animals. These pests will also be looked for, as they can also cause considerable damage. Carpenter ants, for example, also attack the wood in a structure and, if not eliminated, can eat out a room’s complete understructure. 

Once the inspection is made, a two-part written report is prepared, listing the existing damage and where future infestation is likely to occur. If it is a real estate sale, the seller must make the needed repairs and eliminate the pests, or sell the property at the price listed, less the repair cost. The buyer pays the cost of the inspection. 

Trying to correct a problem such as this, prior to a sale, is not a do-it-yourself thing. That is why lenders require this by done by a professional pest inspector. When our professionals are called to do an inspection they will make a full examination of the premises including cause of the problem, the damage that has been done, and the repairs needed. 

A full report with recommendations for pest control in Suffolk County and pest eradication will be made available in one day. Our company specializes in real estate pest inspection,in homes that are not for sale as well. These inspections are reasonably priced and, of course, all work is guaranteed.

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