Termites are a pest control issue that residents and businesses have to face every day throughout Suffolk County Long Island. If not handled properly, the outcome could be catastrophic. Termites in Suffolk County can cause a substantial amount of monetary damage to commercial facilities and residential homes. This is why the use of professional pest control services is essential in cases such as this. All Care Pest Control is an expert termite control company, with extensive training, state-of-the art technology, and reliability. We service offer our termite control throughout Suffolk County in Mastic, Coram, Holbrook, Brentwood and the surrounding areas. Included below are some of the treatment services we provide.

Baiting Method

There are a number of baits on the market that’s used for termite control in Suffolk County. The most effective types are only available to pest management professionals who are licensed. These baiting systems must be properly installed for it to work effectively. Treating your home or business using this method usually takes several months to complete the process. While the baiting method is effective, it works much more slowly compared to liquid treatments.

Liquid Treatments

Treating your home or office using this method can be time consuming if you’re not a professional exterminator with the appropriate equipment. Not only will you need a 100 gallon spray rig, but you will also need anywhere from 80 to 200 gallons of liquid solution to spray your whole house. Clearly, this is best suited to be done by the professionals of All Care Pest Control. The benefit of the liquid treatment is that it provides a long lasting chemical barrier. Suffolk County termites won’t be able to enter your home or business using this method. It also prevents the termites from leaving your home if there are any present during your treatment. This will cause them to eventually die because they won’t be able to return to the soil. 

Ridding your home of termites requires a special set of skills that are learned through education, years of experience, and industry knowledge. While many stores provide the materials to do it yourself, these methods are not as effective as a professional termite service. Don’t take the chance on trying to treat your home or business alone, it could end up costing you more in the end. All Care Pest Control offers yearly contracts, quarterly inspections, and custom plans to fit any budget. Our work is guaranteed because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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