If you are experiencing a general pest control issue, or a more serious pest infestation problem in your home, and your own efforts can only maintain the status quo – then contacting All Care Pest Control to handle your pest extermination needs is one of your best choices. Professionally exterminating pests is the only real solution, particularly with the presence of insects and rodents that can do damage to your health and physical property. As a Long Island homeowner, there should be proper concern for the well being of children and pets. In the end, All Care Pest Control, and our 20 years of experience in providing Mastic, Shirley, and Coram pest control is your best option!

Originally developed for agricultural pest management, the concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has progressed from the farm, to the lawn, to the home and to industry. As a modern pest control company, we follow these practices for our approach to your needs with our emphasis on safety, effectiveness and minimal environmental impact when offering our residential ant control, bee & wasp control, and other pest control services.

Our environmentally sensitive approaches to managing pests use a combination of strategies emphasizing the minimal use of chemical treatments to protect people (children, adults and pets) and the environment from both pests and pesticides.

All Care Pest Control services all of Suffolk County

We include physical methods, with barriers to pest entrance and identification of the ant and other insect spaces a biological understanding of pest life cycles to prevent and control infestations. Namely, where present, we will inspect and treat crawl spaces both above and below structures.

Additionally, we inspect and treat around door and window frames where utility pipes and wires and the foundation and the foundation. We prevent where they enter the home or structure under decks, sheds, and garages.

Even after effective treatments and removal of the immediate pest problems, new colonies inside and your property often reappear in a couple of months. Consequently, our ongoing pest prevention plans are available with bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly service contract options including the placement of traps for ongoing control and inspection for termites.

Our certified employees have years of experience with Mastic, Shirley and Coram pest control for numerous household pests such as:

  • Household ants, large and small black ants with bait, gels, and liquid treatments
  • American, German and brown cockroaches
  • Beetles and crickets
  • Bed bug extermination
  • Common spiders, even black widow spiders
  • Earwigs and silverfish
  • Wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets (both an extermination process and nest removal
  • Lady bugs, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets
  • Mice and rats, and other animal removal services
  • Termites: Both baiting and liquid foundation treatments with yearly contracts and quarterly inspections
  • Carpenter ants, carpenter bees and all wood-boring insects

Our professional exterminators offer residential pest control in Coram, Mastic, Shirley, and the surrounding areas in Suffolk county Long Island. We also specialize in Real Estate inspections.

Contact All Care Pest Control, Inc. to schedule your service today!