General Pests

Long Island home and business owners, do not let pest invasions affect your quality of life! Pests in Mastic Beach and the surrounding areas are more than a nuisance. Left unchecked, pests multiply and destroy property. It is better to call our professional commercial and residential pest control service now than pay for a remodeling service later. Our experienced technicians offer animal removal, services for termites, and services for many of the following home pest control issues:


House spiders are commonly found in basements, garages and other places around the home that attract insects. Spiders build webs in the corners of ceilings and floors where they will not be disturbed. Active webs are difficult to detect but abandoned webs are easy to spot once they start collecting dust. 


Crickets are active outdoors but often sneak indoors for food and moisture. Crickets are attracted to the bright light emanating from windows and doors and have been known to invade homes in large swarms. Crickets tend to be a nuisance because they emit a loud chirp and destroy fabrics. Powerful hind legs allow crickets to quickly jump from one location to the next, which makes these insects difficult to catch or kill. 

Sow Bugs

Sow bugs infestations occur in humid climates, particularly in homes with concrete slab foundations or attached garages. The bugs invade planters, sun porches and other areas that serve as breeding grounds for insects. Heavy infestations may indicate mold and mildew problems or rotten wood.


Sawtooth grain beetles invade dry pantry goods. Furniture beetles are wood borers that attack seasoned sapwood timber products. Furniture beetles do not invade polished wood, but they can infest wood and lay eggs before the wood is treated only to manifest holes months or years later. Older homes built with untreated structural timbers are susceptible to furniture beetle infestations. Carpet beetles feed on non-synthetic textiles in clothes, furs and rugs. Carpet beetles are nesting insects that hide in walls and closets previously inhabited by bees or mice. 

Ear Wigs

Ear wigs build shelter nests outdoors next to home foundations. Being attracted to moisture, they frequently build nests indoors near house plants and plumbing fixtures. They tend to be found in piles of newspaper and leaves and various forms of clutter that conceal their nests. 


Like earwigs, ants are nesting insects capable of living anywhere around your home, including walls and under foundations. They usually enter homes in search of moisture and food, but typically seek out the sweet and greasy substances in the kitchen and pantry. Ants form colonies that number up to 500,000. The average worker ant can survive up to seven years, while the queen ant may surpass 14 years. Large colonies prove difficult to eliminate even after treatment. Ants can quickly establish new chemical trails for other ants to travel to and from the nest.


House flies are attracted to the faintest traces of feces, rotting meat and other decaying matter. Fruit flies generally pursue the sugary substances in over-ripe fruit but also hover around areas where alcohol and soda have spilled. Drain flies seek out the moist environments of plumbing fixtures to lay their eggs and feed on decaying organic waste. 

Homeowners often turn to commercial products to get rid of unwanted pests around the house, but these products may not be strong enough to eliminate heavy infestations. Professional pest control services find and treat insect problems at the source. We offer a full line of services for pest control in Shirley, Coram, Brentwood, and the surrounding areas of Suffolk County. We also offer wasp and bee control, bed bugremoval, and Real Estate Inspections for pests. Sign up for our pest control services today. Our skilled technicians employ the best industry practices to safely prevent and treat pest infestations in your home.

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