While bees such as honey bees pollinate our crops and food sources, other bees such as yellow jackets, hornets, and cicada killers and wasps, can be dangerous pests around homes and businesses throughout Suffolk County Long Island New York. They can infest buildings and landscapes and be dangerous to people allergic to bee stings. We specialize in Suffolk County bee removal services.

About Bees and Wasps

Yellow jackets are a wasp and measure around 1/2-inch long. They typically have bands of yellow around their abdomen with no hair. They have a stinger with barbs and can sting repeatedly. Their venom can be life-threatening to people allergic to it.

They build their nests in soil cavities, shrubs, trees, attics, porches, eaves of houses, hollow walls and flooring. Their nests are made from wood fiber that they have chewed to a pulp. These nests resemble a hornets’ nest and can be size of a basketball. Even though they are beneficial as a predator for pest insects, they do not belong around people and buildings.

All Care Pest Control offers bee and wasp removal in Mastic, Shirley, and the surrounding areas

Hornets are a wasp and measure around 2 ½- inch long. Their nests are a series of cells arranged in layers called combs. The nests are commonly found hanging from tree branches but they can also be under overhangs and inside hollow walls of buildings.

They defend their nests by stinging until the prey is killed. People allergic to bee stings are allergic to hornet stings. The hornet will sting mostly insects, but the yellow jacket can be aggressive toward humans.

Cicada killer wasps are large, reaching lengths up to 2-inches. They are colored a reddish/black and are hairy. They dig burrows up to 10-inches deep along sidewalks, patios, planters, flowerbeds, shrubs and driveways. They are not as aggressive as yellow jackets and hornets.

Bee and Wasp Control

Not only are their stings dangerous, but when left unchecked their nests can expand. Yellow jackets nesting in walls have been known to break through and infest the building. Don’t risk injuries to your health. Contact All Care Pest Control for assistance with bee and wasp pest control in Riverhead, Coram, Mastic and the surrounding areas.

We can help you sign up for our professional pest control services. It is safer for our professionals to exterminate bee and wasp nests rather than the owner risking being stung. Our treatment follows strict guidelines and will be tailored to the type of pest affecting your home or business.

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