There’s no uncertainty surrounding this one statement: Cockroaches don’t care one bit about the cleanliness of your indoor environment. They will invade your property on any given day because they are opportunistic scavengers. Cockroaches simply want to feed and breed in a safe place without being bothered. However, the professionals at All Care Pest Control are prepared to intervene to nip their plans in the bud.

What do They Look Like?

The different species vary in size and in appearance. Some cockroaches can even extend past 3 inches. Their oval-shaped bodies are typically amber, brown or black. While it’s true that males are much larger than females, both genders are equally hideous. What makes them a bit dangerous is the fact that their dirty bodies carry all sorts of bacteria and allergens. Since cockroaches have six spiny legs, they can easily run across just about any surface.

How and Why do They Invade?

Cockroaches know how to get from point A to point B without drawing attention to themselves. Even if your indoor environment is spotlessly clean, they won’t hesitate to squeeze their oily bodies through a crevice in your home’s foundation. Other entry points include the sewer and drains. The biggest attractant is the availability of food and water. That’s why you’re more prone to encounter a cockroach invasion if your home is always dirty. Clutter provides the perfect shield that they need to scavenge in peace. Furthermore, you can develop a huge problem with cockroaches if you often have guests over. These critters are really good at hitching a ride on traveling bags, and they often hide in tight spaces.

What Makes Them Hard to Eliminate?

Once these critters have taken up residence in your home, your single-handed effort to get them to leave will likely be unavailing. This is because the cockroaches are going to love the warmth that your indoor environment provides. Yes, they are definitely hardy enough to survive in homes that are cold and uncomfortable, but they tend to thrive a lot better in places that are warm and cozy. When it comes to breeding, cockroaches know what they are doing. Some species can reproduce faster than others can. Female American cockroaches lay a protective capsule that contains approximately 16 eggs. Within their lifetime, they have the ability to produce about 300 nymphs. This is why it’s in your best interest to take action when you spot one or two roaches in your home. You may have several females breeding in the attic, the basement or the pantry.

How to Eliminate Them?

Cockroaches are some of the most resilient pests that property owners have to deal with all year. Some species have the ability to withstand the toxic chemicals in pesticides, so don’t waste your money on such products. You’ll get a better deal at All Care Pest Control because our rates don’t come close to breaking the bank. When we come to your property, we’ll take the time to perform a thorough walk-through so that we can fully understand the extent of your situation. Depending on our findings, we’ll put together a protection program to help you achieve and maintain a cockroach-free indoor environment. You’ll be delighted to know that all our work is guaranteed. Call All Care Pest Control today to get a free estimate.

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