The first sign many people have that Suffolk County bed bugs have invaded their home are red, raised bites on their skin. The insects usually like to hide in the daytime and then feast on sleeping humans at night. They especially enjoy the warm, dark atmosphere found in most bedrooms. Once someone starts looking for them, they will often find stains on bedding. When shining a light in cracks and crevices, the small reddish-brown oval bugs can be seen scurrying away to hide. The only thing a homeowner, apartment building manager or business owner is sure of, however, is wanting to get rid of them as fast as possible.

All Care Pest Control exterminates bed bugs throughout Mastic Beach, Westhampton, Centereach and the surrounding areas

During the last ten years, the Long Island bed bug population has increased at an alarming rate in Long Island New York as they have in many parts of the country. Experts blame immigration, worldwide travel and the banning of DDT as part of the problem. Bed bugs can quickly spread from building to building because they can cling to many surfaces, including clothing and furniture. Even the cleanest home or building is not immune to an infestation. Although pesticides can be found on the market that may help to kill some of the bed bugs, they may not be safe to use in and around the bed and bedroom.

Elimination and Protection

The average person will not be able to effect long term over bed bugs in Suffolk County Long Island NY. This is because the bugs are notoriously hard to eradicate and not only industrial strength pesticides are needed but training and expertise is necessary as well. All Care Pest Control has a staff of professional technicians who know how to form a plan for extermination of bed bugs in Mastic, Coram, Shirley, and the surrounding areas, depending on the condition of the building, the length of time bed bugs had to multiply and whether the building houses residents or businesses. 

All Care Pest Control uses safe procedures to ensure no harm will come to occupants of a home or business, including pets and property. We guarantee our commercial and residential pest services and will outline and explain the plan for complete extermination of the pests. Prevention is an important aspect of pest control and that is why we offer yearly contracts for elimination and customized plans to prevent re-infestation of the premises. 

Knowing our experts are working for you will provide peace of mind for now and the future. With a contract you do not have to remember to call us because we will remember for you. We will monitor the property and keep bed bugs out of your life for good. Contact us today—we are here to help.

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