From swimming to a day at the park, there are plenty of things to do in Wading River when the sun is out. Unfortunately, warm weather also attracts hordes of insects that invade homes and other properties. Bees, wasps, and ticks are some of the most dangerous pests of the bunch.

Bees and Wasps

A few bees or wasps on a property are usually not a problem, but large groups of the insects can be dangerous. If a person comes too close to a bee or wasp nest, they may swarm and attack with their stingers. Wasps are especially aggressive, and they can sting as many times as they want without dying. The venom injected by bee and wasp stingers leaves painful welts on the skin, and those with allergies may develop symptoms such as difficulty breathing and physical collapse. 


Ticks may not have stingers, but their bites can make people extremely sick. Tick saliva transmits a variety of dangerous illnesses, including Lyme disease. The Northeast is the most severely affected region in America, and New York is considered a high risk area. The first warning sign of Lyme disease is typically a red spot near the bite area surrounded by a large red ring. Early symptoms include fatigue, fever, muscle soreness, and headaches. If the infectious bacteria is allowed to spread through the bloodstream, patients may develop heart problems, severe joint pain, nerve damage, and even mental problems. 

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