Each year, All Care Pest Control removes countless animals from homes in Stony Brook and the surrounding area. Squirrels and raccoons are common culprits, especially if they can find food on the premises. Many people think of these creatures as nothing more than nuisances, but both animals are a threat to health and safety.


Raccoons can adapt to a wide variety of habitats, and many of them make their homes in Stony Brook and other residential areas. If your property contains any garbage, food scraps, edible plants, or dog food, it may be an attractive feeding area for the animals. Raccoons can cause serious injuries to people and pets with their claws and teeth, especially if they are infected with rabies. Rabies is a viral disease that attacks the central nervous system, and rabid raccoons can infect people as well as pets. Raccoons also act as hosts for a variety of parasites, including roundworms. 


The Northeast is full of red and gray squirrels, and we remove them from houses and other buildings on a regular basis. Most of the squirrels that we deal with are located in attics and crawlspaces, and they often contaminate insulation with their urine and droppings. Their tendency to chew and destroy electrical wires is an even bigger problem as this damage leads to power outages and fires. If you notice signs of a squirrel infestation in your home, avoid these risks by having the rodents removed right away. 

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If your property is plagued by squirrels, raccoons, or other troublesome wildlife, call All Care for a free quote. Our wildlife removal experts can trap and remove the animals without harming them. We also remove any urine and feces from the premises to prevent infections.