Hopewell Junction is one of the most beautiful places to live in New York offering a small-town feeling with so many activities to do outdoors. It’s great to create memories in the warmer months, however, the summer days also bring dangerous insect bites and rodents that can harm you and your family or significantly disrupt your business. 

Hornet Control in Hopewell Junction

Hornets are aggressive and the largest of the wasp family. These insects defend their nests by stinging their prey multiple times until it is killed. The hornet primarily stings insects, but it will sting humans if it feels threatened. A sting from a hornet is very painful and is considered more dangerous than a bee sting. It can lead to a similar severe allergic reaction. Multiple stings from a hornet can be fatal due to the toxicity of the venom. Some hornets can reach up to 2 ½ inches in length and are typically black and yellow in color. Hornets build their nests by chewing wood to make a paper-type pulp. You can find their nests hanging from trees or under an eave or overhang of your home. Due to the dangerous nature of hornets that may exist on your Hopewell Junction property, it is critical to contact an All Care Pest Control professional to safely address the hornet’s nest removal. 

Mosquito Control in Hopewell Junction

Nothing ruins a nice summer evening more than the whining buzz of mosquitoes in your ears. These pests are more than just a nuisance. Mosquitoes in New York can carry dangerous life-threatening pathogens in their saliva which can be transmitted when you are bitten. All Care Pest Control wants to protect you, your family, and your pets from the West Nile virus which causes headaches, fever, swollen glands, fatigue, and a skin rash. In rural New York, mosquitoes also can infect their victim with the Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) and Zika viruses. 


Your yard can be infested with mosquitoes and you will not know until it is too late. The best protection is for an experienced mosquito control company to apply a highly effective mosquito spray to eradicate any mosquitoes through every stage of the mosquito life cycle. All Care Pest Control will apply a wide perimeter mosquito spray in all the places mosquitoes are likely to breed including shrubs, bushes, wooded areas, and beneath decks. Each treatment lasts a month offering you the ultimate in protection and relief. We will come back to re-treat to ensure you are covered. Discounts are available with the purchase of four or more treatments together. 

Contact All Care Pest Control to obtain a free quote. You can comfortably and safely enjoy the outdoors once again!


Mouse Control in Hopewell Junction

Mice can multiply at exponential rates. If you see one mouse in your house, the chances are very high that there are many more lurking in the walls, ceiling spaces, and crevices in your home or business. Mice can flatten themselves to gain access to your indoor spaces in surprising ways. Do-it-Yourself mouse control solutions rarely work. If you feel you have mice, contact All Care Pest Control to provide the most effective immediate and long-term mice control solutions just right for your situation. 

Rodents such as mice and rats cause harm in many ways including:

  • Spreading pathogens and harmful bacteria in your indoor spaces.
  • Scavenging for food and contaminating your food sources.
  • Chewing through wires possibly starting an electrical fire. 
  • Dropping feces and dander wherever they go.
  • Worsening allergic symptoms.
  • Creating expensive structural damage and inconvenience.  

Rats and mice often carry diseases that are harmful to humans. The common rodent-borne diseases include lymphocytic Choriomeningitis or LCMV, and hantavirus. These diseases are spread through the droppings of rodent saliva and urine. Hantavirus can be spread by inhaling harmful airborne particles from droppings and dead carcasses remaining in walls or floors. Keep your Hopewell Junction home or commercial business safe and healthy by calling the professional mouse control experts at All Care Pest Control today!