Your home is typically your largest investment. Inspecting it for termites is a priority in areas of prevalence. Regular extermination of other pests such as bed bugs gives you peace of mind. All Care Pest Control is a full-service company for both interior and exterior pest control.


Real Estate Inspection in Commack

A real estate pest inspection is an important part of your home-buying journey. This special inspection looks for subterranean termites, dry wood termites and wood-devouring beetles. Anything that could silently weaken the structure of your home. We take the time to institute the most thorough inspection possible to make certain your new home is a safe and solid investment.


Termite Inspection In Commack

We provide both Real Estate, Termite, and routine residential termite inspections and termite control. This is a service that should never be ignored or delayed. If you haven’t had a termite inspection since you bought your home, you should do so as soon as possible. Get a jump on what could be a serious situation if ignored. If you actually see any of the below signs, call us immediately.

  • Wings from Swarming
  • The termites themselves. Remember that if they have a segmented body like an ant it’s a flying ant as opposed to a solid cylindrical body as a termite.
  • Small piles of sawdust are typically in the corners of a room, but can be elsewhere.
  • Swarms of flying termites.
  • Small holes in the baseboards.
  • Mud tunnels up and down exterior walls.


Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bugs are a very disturbing infestation to have. After all, your bed is your sanctuary and you expect a sanitary and safe place to sleep–not where you are the buffet of the night. That is what happens if you have bed bugs. If you have elderly, children or immune-compromised people at home, it could spread to them and cause health issues. Call us for bed bug control if you see or experience anything below.

  • Bites of unknown origin.
  • Tiny blood spots or streaks on your sheets.
  • Seeing flat, round bugs in the bed typically in the seams of the bed.

Do not try DIY bed bug control on your own due to the expenditure that it will take and the time for ineffective home treatment. They will come back or you won’t be able to control the entire infestation. Call us to take charge of the situation for you permanently.


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