All Care has been providing Oakdale and other Suffolk County towns with pest control services since 1992. From invasive wildlife to biting insects, we have dealt with every major pest in the region. If your home or business is infested with ants, termites, flies, or beetles, our pest control experts can help.

Ant Control in Oakdale

An invasion of tiny ants may seem relatively harmless, but these insects pose a significant threat to human health. Like most crawling insects, ants must often travel over filthy surfaces such as bathroom floors to get from place to place. When they pick up contaminants from these surfaces, they can easily spread them to infested foods.

Termites Treatment for Oakdale Residents

Termites look roughly similar to ants, but DNA evidence suggests that they are more closely related to wood-eating roaches. The most problematic termite species in New York is the eastern subterranean termite. Their colonies typically contain several hundred thousand workers, and they can destroy much of a building’s wooden components if they are not exterminated quickly.

Fly Control in Oakdale

Flies are as filthy as they look, and they transmit dozens of dangerous contaminants. They pick up these contaminants from rotting garbage, feces, and other infectious items. Fly-borne diseases include salmonellosis, typhoid fever, dysentery, and hepatitis. 

Beetles in Oakdale

Beetles are an important agricultural pest in the United States, and they are becoming increasingly resistant to pesticides. A sizable population can wreak havoc on gardens and other vegetation around a home. Some species also damage buildings by consuming and destroying hardwoods.

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