Pests inside a home can threaten human health and cause significant structural damage. Outdoor pests make it impossible to enjoy nice weather, and families that are dealing with any type of pest often feel that their enjoyment of their home and lawn is compromised. Professional pest control services take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

Indoor and Outdoor Pest Problems

Stinging pests like bees and wasps are usually just an annoyance when family members are enjoying the outdoors. However, some people have serious allergies to these pests. Life-threatening complications may arise when a person who is allergic to a bee sting suffers from a sting. Ticks are a danger to humans and pets. Deer tick bites cause Lyme disease, an infectious disease that could result in permanent complications when left untreated.

Carpenter ants are known for burrowing into moist wood and causing structural damage to a home. These ants are often difficult to detect because of their ability to nest deep within the walls of a home. Bed bug bites can cause redness, swelling, itching and pain. These small pests are able to travel from one building to another by climbing onto clothing or inside of suitcases.

Professional Pest Control Services

Many homeowners are under the impression that professional pest control services are too expensive. We are here to provide you with free quotes to show you how affordable our services can be. All Care Pest Control is a family-owed company that has been offering pest control services for over 20 years.