Located along the Atlantic Ocean, Mastic Beach enables you to truly experience life on the coast. While Mastic Beach provides a relaxing atmosphere throughout the year, it becomes an especially fun town during the summertime. Furthermore, New York City is only two hours away. If you’re a resident or business owner in Mastic Beach, make pest control a top priority. By getting your property treated and inspected by a pest control professional, you’ll be able to rest a bit easier at night.

Residential Pest Control

Mastic Beach is a hot spot for certain pests. You definitely don’t want your home to become a target. Because of their strong attraction to sweet substances, ants are especially prone to taking refuge inside your kitchen. This means food contamination becomes a real possibility. Known for ruining meals, house flies and cockroaches can be even more unsanitary. During the warmer months, infectious pests like ticks and mosquitoes become especially concerning. Although termites don’t tend to cause health issues, they can completely destroy wooden structures around your home. Instead of taking risks by using unproven commercial products to solve your pest issues, allow our licensed technicians to take care of the problem.

Animal Trapping & Removal

Even if you’re an animal lover, don’t allow wildlife to take over on your property. Even the cutest critter can wreak havoc. Wild animals will damage property, spread disease, and put your pets at risk of getting rabies. Even worse, they can bring pests like fleas and mites. Because wildlife often become hostile when threatened, the best approach is to call a pro to remove them. Whether you’re dealing with raccoons in your attic or a mole in your yard, you can trust our team to safely trap the animal. We offer clean-up services as well.

Real Estate Inspections

Before you purchase a home or building, it’s always a good idea to get an inspection. Although the dwelling may look great on the outside, you never know what problems may lay beneath the surface. We can inspect the entire structure for problems like pest infestations, mold growth, and leak damage. From the foundation to the attic, every aspect of the dwelling will be thoroughly inspected. Afterwards, you’ll have a greater peace of mind.

Pest Services Available:

You can trust All Care Pest Control to solve your pest problems. We have been providing pest management solutions for the residents of Mastic Beach more than 20 years. Call us for a free estimate on service.