Outsiders and even newcomers to the Jamesport area may believe there is little to worry about when it comes to typical pests. After all, rodents are more likely to be found in very urban areas like Manhattan or very rural areas such as upstate, right? Unfortunately, suburban Long Island homeowners must be cautious and careful about all manner of pests, including those from the rodent family. 


One of the most damaging animals in the rodent family, rats eat food leftover from humans, contaminate their surroundings, damage property, and spread disease. They are imminently adaptable to their conditions, allowing them to thrive in almost any environment. 


They may be “cuter” than their rat cousins, but mice can be just as troublesome. In your home, they can live off food meant for the family. Their feces are notorious for contaminating food preparation areas, creating a haven for bacteria and illness. This is to say nothing of their gnawing, which can destroy wires, power cords, and even cause structural damage.

Raccoons, Squirrels, and Opossums

To the uninitiated, these three may not seem like pests so much as rare natural treats. That’s easier to think, however, when they aren’t causing problems for your home and property. Though opossums are technically marsupials, they carry many of the same threats as the rodents

Prevention and Control

All of the above mentioned animals spread disease, cause property damage, and serve little benefit to the average homeowner. All that said, handling the problem on your own is not recommended. Retail traps and baits may cause more harm than good. Never try to trap an animal without professional assistance, as these creatures can turn very dangerous when cornered. Instead, contact All Care Pest Control. We have the experience and high standards to eliminate a rodent problem in your home. Call us today for a free quote!