All Care Pest Control is a family business that operates in towns throughout Suffolk County, including Hampton Bays. We have been successfully exterminating all of the region’s common pests since 1992. Termites, ticks, and bed bugs are easily some of the most troublesome pests that we deal with.

Bed Bugs

The use of DDT virtually eradicated bed bugs in the U.S. for decades, but their populations surged in the 1990s. Maintaining a clean house is not enough to prevent an infestation, and few spaces are too tiny for bed bugs to squeeze through. They can also hitchhike into homes on used furniture and other infested possessions. Their bites leave painful rashes and welts on the skin of sensitive individuals. 


Ticks feed on the blood of their hosts by punching through the skin with their elongated beaks. While feeding, they often transmit infectious diseases through their saliva. Tickborne illnesses in the United States include babesiosis, rickettsiosis, and tickborne relapsing fever. The most prevalent tickborne disease in New York is Lyme disease, a bacterial infection that can spread throughout the body. Lyme disease attacks the joints, the heart, and the central nervous system.


Termites are mostly harmless to humans, but few pests can match the damage that they cause to properties. The eastern subterranean termite is the most destructive species in New York, and their colonies contain 300,000 workers on average. A colony this size can hollow out several ounces of wood in a single week.

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