Living with pests is a threat to the health of occupants of a home and a danger to the structure of the home itself. Searching for do-it-yourself pest control methods often ends up wasting time and costing more money in failed methods and home damage than a professional pest control company would cost.

The Worst Household Pests

Termites are considered by many people to be the worst household pest because of the extensive damage that these insects can cause. Billions of dollars of termite damage is done to buildings in the United States each year. The fact that these small insects burrow into wood to nest means that they are often undetected before damage spirals out of control.

Some types of ants also cause structural damage. These pests like to nest in moist wood. Carpenter ants are the most destructive type of ant. Damage caused by carpenter ants is similar to termite damage.

Raccoons are a menace because of the damage that they can cause when living inside the walls of a home. These pests may chew through wires and increase the risk of an electrical fire. Raccoons can also carry dangerous parasites that threaten the health of the occupants of a home.

Free Quotes From All Care Pest Control

You may feel that professional pest control services are out of your reach. While do-it-yourself methods seem cheaper in the present, it is common for these amateur pest control techniques to be inadequate in fully eliminating a pest problem. We provide you with free quotes so you can learn about our affordable services before you schedule an appointment.