Many residents of East Quogue know about the trouble caused by rats, mice, ants, and ticks. At All Care Pest Control, we understand that these nuisances have no place in your home.

Rats & Mice

Rats and mice are two very persistent rodent species. Both rodents are equipped with teeth that can gnaw through wood and a variety of other housing materials. While rats are the larger species, both pests can easily slip into the home. If a hole is wide enough for the rodent skull, a rat or mouse can fit its entire body through that one opening. Aside from major structural damage, rodents can also pose a danger to human health. Illnesses like Hantavirus and rat-bite fever can be transmitted by exposure to rodent bites and rodent waste. The urine and fecal matter of rats and mice can also trigger allergies and provide a breeding ground for bacteria.


Ants are a diverse group of insects that build large colonies. These pests tend to remain outside, but some ants will wander into a home in search of food. It is important to note that indoor colonies do occur, and getting rid of these pests can be a hassle. Additionally, foraging ants can cause food contamination, and the bite from an ant can cause severe reactions in some individuals.


Ticks are blood-sucking arachnids that pose a huge danger to people and pets. Once attached, ticks can be difficult to safely remove due to a specialized structure that attaches the tick to its host. Ticks are known vectors for multiple diseases, including Lyme disease.

No one wants rats, mice, ants, or ticks in their home. If you are having trouble with one or more of these pests, contact us for a free quote.