When stinging insects such as bees and wasps build nests near areas where people live and congregate, they can create a dangerous situation for everyone in the area, but most especially children, mature adults, and individuals who are allergic or have a compromised immune system. If these wayward trespassers build a hive or nest in your home, they can occasionally break through into the interior of the structure, causing major problems that must be immediately handled by a professional exterminator.

When bees or wasps move in and take up residence in your home or yard, there is an increased risk of conflict due to the frequent intermingling of people and stinging insects. Bees are attracted to sweets and have been known to crawl into soda cans and juice bottles, increasing the risk of a painful sting in the mouth. Some wasps, being carnivorous, are also attracted to meat and protein, which can make having a fun and carefree barbecue a distant memory. These realities of having bees and wasps as neighbors can make an outdoor eating area all but unusable in spring or summer.

Bee Swarms

Swarms of bees in the process of relocating can also be hazardous because of the large number of bees in close proximity. Even though swarms are typically less defensive without food or young to defend than bees in a hive, if one bee releases alarm pheromones upon stinging, it can prompt other bees in the area to attack, which could lead to serious injury or even death in some rare instances. Swarms should only be removed by professionals. 

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