Located near the mouth of the Hudson River in the southeast section of New York State, Blue Point is a charming hamlet with a population of less than 5,000 people. Those who live there enjoy comfortable summer temperatures and chilly winter ones. As in other parts of the country and the world, those who own homes or businesses will need to keep an eye out for pests. An insect or animal infestation can cause problems.

Residential Pest Control

Blue Point pest control services will handle your residential pest management needs. If you suspect an infestation in your home, contact us for an inspection. Our technicians have the education and experience to determine whether you have an infestation and what has decided to infest your home. Once the infestation has been identified, they will take the proper steps to eliminate it.

We use environmentally sensitive techniques with less use of chemical products to keep you, your family and your pets safe.

Pests We Service:

Animal Trapping and Removal

Wild animals often move away from their natural environment when tempted by the presence of food or more comfortable living arrangements like your home’s attic. If you have wild animals living nearby, they may make big messes by searching through garbage cans for food. This can attract other pests.

If you wind up with raccoons or squirrels living near your home or business, someone could wind up with a wild animal bite, which may become infected. If the animal has a disease, then it could transmit the illness to a human by biting them. We offer animal trapping and removal services to keep your home or business safe.

Wild Animals We Service:

• Raccoons
• Squirrels
• Moles
• Woodchucks and Groundhogs
• & more!

Real Estate Pest Inspections

If you’re shopping for a home, you’re about to enter into a major investment. To make sure that you’re not buying a home with a pest problem, contact us for a real estate inspection. In most cases, real estate pest inspections are required prior to purchase.

When we inspect a property, we’ll provide a two-part report outlining any existing problems or damage as well as where a future infestation could occur.

Our Real Estate Inspections Include:

• Insect damage
• Decay
• Mold
• Water damage
• Signs of rodents or other wild animals

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All Care Pest Control handles all kinds of pest problems in Blue Point including insect and animal infestations. Our technicians are professionally trained, and they will be able to eliminate whatever creature has decided to inhabit your space.

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