Bayshore is a beautiful place. Its wide variety of restaurants, cafes, parks, and other entertainment options delight anyone who lives here. The locals are friendly and diverse, and there’s always something to do. Unfortunately, no matter how great it is to live in Bayshore, your quality of life will instantly go down if pests plague your property. That’s when you need Bayshore pest control help.

Residential Pest Control

Many people try to handle the pests on their own, but most at-home methods don’t work: They do nothing, or they only address part of the problem before pest populations bounce right back.

Handling pests with half measures can be dangerous to both your health and home. Our Bayshore pest control specialists remove pests with safe, environment-friendly methods. Your family’s well-being is a top priority, so our services involve minimal chemical treatments. We’ll use physical barrier methods when possible, and we combine them with various other strategies to suit your needs.

Pests We Service:

Animal Trapping & Removal

Bugs aren’t the only pests to look out for. If you have problems with raccoons, rats, mice, opossums, squirrels, or other animals, All Care Pest Control has a solution – wildlife removal. These animals build nests in chimneys, chew holes through your property, and clog your gutters. They can even get into your walls!

In addition to causing structural damage, they can also bring disease with them. Raccoons, for instance, can carry rabies. Other animals have Lyme disease. Rodents leave their feces everywhere, attempt to get into your food, and often bring fleas along for the ride.

Handling these creatures on your own is dangerous — some of them are aggressive. Professionals, however, are trained to remove animals from your property safely.

Real Estate Inspections

Pest inspections are vital when purchasing real estate. If your potential new property has pests, we’ll find them. We’ll also help with pest-related structural damage. Don’t buy a home before a pest inspection has been done. Oftentimes there is underlying damage that can’t be seen from the surface. A pest inspection will dive deeper, checking the foundation, walls, and surrounding areas to ensure that your future home is pest free.

Even if you are selling a home you should have a real estate pest inspection done before putting it on the market. You don’t want to go through the entire selling process only to have a buyer back out because of pest damage you didn’t even know about.

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At All Care Pest Control, we’re passionate about keeping your property pest-free. We perform our work quickly and efficiently to make your life as easy as possible. If you want to keep your Bayshore home pest free, we can help!

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