Long Island might be teeming with people, but the sizable population isn’t enough to keep pests out of the equation. Life in Babylon is a whole lot better when the local critters are kept at bay. All Care Pest Control has the knowledge and experience to keep bugs and other animals away from your property.

Whether you’re a Babylon homeowner with a termite problem or a real estate mogul in need of an inspection, All Care Pest Control can provide the solutions you need.

Babylon Pest Control

When pests lodge themselves in your home, professionals are often the only people capable of making a difference. Insects and rodents can pose a serious health and safety risk. Our Babylon pest control professionals use environmentally friendly methods to safely eliminate pests from the home. By minimizing the use of chemicals and focusing on comprehensive solutions, professional exterminators can get the job done right.

Pests We Service:

Animal Trapping & Removal

Rodents, squirrels, raccoons, and woodchucks all have a nasty way of taking up residence in Long Island buildings. Dealing with these problems on your own can be difficult and even dangerous. The experienced professionals at All Care Pest Control have the equipment and expertise necessary to safely trap and remove animals.

Once these critters are out of the building, workers can clean up the mess and repair any damage that the animals caused. This is the type of comprehensive service that protects property from animal damage.

Real Estate Pest Inspections

Termites, rodents, and other pests can do serious damage to a building. Before purchasing a property, you want to be fully aware of any pest infestations and subsequent damage. All Care Pest Control conducts comprehensive pest inspections. By starting at the basement and searching the entire property, the inspector avoids missing even a tiny sign of damage or infestation. A full report with details and recommendations is made available the day of the inspection.

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When you have a pest-related problem on your hands, All Care Pest Control can provide the solution. Their experienced exterminators have seen it all before, and they’ll know exactly how to deal with the unwelcome visitors ruining your property.

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