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Pests aren't just annoying, unpleasant and destructive to property: Some actually present a danger to people and pets. If left unchecked, pests like ticks, raccoons, and rats and mice can spread dangerous diseases through a household. Here are three of the more common pests that threaten your health:


Ticks are parasites that consume the blood of warm-blooded animals like deer, birds, cats, dogs, and humans. These ticks can find their way inside a home by hitching a ride on a family pet or your clothing. After feeding, females are capable of laying thousands of eggs, thereby infesting a house for months at a time. You might already know that ticks spread Lyme disease, but they also transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Q fever and meningoencephalitis, among other diseases.


These critters are infamous for making a huge mess while rooting through garbage cans in search for a meal. While raccoons don't normally attack humans or animals, some may carry rabies, a difficult-to-cure and potentially lethal disease. Do not confront a raccoon yourself; instead, call professionals like us to safely remove the animal and prevent its return.

Rats & Mice

These creatures not only cause property damage through their incessant scratching and chewing but also leave their droppings everywhere, a health hazard in itself. They are also a significant vector for diseases that can easily spread to humans, including rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, and even bubonic plague, the disease responsible for wiping out a third of the global population in the 14th century. These are not animals to be trifled with.

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